Basic Red Lentil Dosas

I first learned of dosas from Kathleen. She informed me that she does not think a diet is complete without resistant starch, and advised me to soak potatoes and ferment rice and beans. She is one of the queens of fermenting, and has had personal success healing her son’s autism through dietary intervention (read her story here).

My family loves dosas. I make them in a regular skillet and can only make one every few minutes. As soon as one is done, it disappears…and everyone is constantly begging for more. When we run out of the batter, they count the seconds, minutes, hours, days…until they can get another dosa fix. It is one food my little love bug does not like to share–and that’s really saying something, because he loves sharing food!

What I love most about dosas is they are so versatile. We’ve made them in the traditional way, we’ve made them a bit thicker and more flexible like gluten-free wraps (then made tacos with them), we eat them with chutneys, dips, salsas, meats, sauces and soups. We especially love slathering them with tons of raw butter and chowing down! I think dosas may have come straight out of Heaven…really!

Fermenting the rice and beans makes each more digestible, gets rid of certain food chemicals and toxins (such as arsenic), and also lowers the sugars in them. This makes traditionally fermented dosas a great introductory food for those transitioning off of the GAPS/SCD diet. Be wary of dosas that you don’t make yourself, there are many “shortcut” ways that don’t provide the same benefits.

I have made them Kathleen’s way, as well as with a variety of different spices. The basic recipe I use is as follows:

1/4 cup red lentils
3/4 cup white Jasmine or Basmati rice
1 cup water
1/2 tsp salt

Dairy-Free Raw Eggnog Featuring Almond & Coconut Milk

I still remember our dairy-free days like they were yesterday. Although I enjoy raw dairy now, there are some dairy-free recipes that I have grown to love. This yummy and high-fat raw nog is one of them. It’s a great way to start your day whether it’s the holiday season or not!

It is very simple to make, too. I find it tastes best with ingredients that are very fresh. Pin this recipe so you don’t lose it…you won’t regret it!

Dairy-Free Raw Nog (Serves 1)

1/4 cup almonds
1/2 fresh coconut
3 egg yolks
1/2 tsp vanilla
Other spices to taste


1. Soak almonds overnight in 1 cup water with a pinch of sea salt.

2. In the morning, rinse and blend with 1/2 cup of water. Strain with a fine-mesh strainer, cheese cloth or nut milk bag.

3. Cut up fresh coconut and blend with 1 cup water (add more if your blender requires it, but it will be creamier if you get away with using less water!). Strain with a fine mesh strainer, cheese cloth or nut milk bag.

4. Separate 3 eggs.

5. Mix 1/2 cup almond milk with 1/2 cup coconut milk. Stir in 3 egg yolks until mixed well.

6. Add 1/2 tsp vanilla and spices to taste. I love using some fresh grated nutmeg and a pinch of ginger! Other spices such as cinnamon, clove, cardamom, etc. would work great as well.

7. Add a little raw honey to taste and enjoy!

Let me know what you think of this recipe by leaving a comment below. I personally can’t get enough of it this time of year!

Simple, Easy, Tasty Mini Meatballs (No Flour Required!)

Sometimes finding simple, easy, quick and tasty recipes for a special diet can be difficult–especially when many recipes use replacement items that you can’t have. I understand. My son is on a limited diet and it took me a while to find a wide variety of yummy things he can eat without feeling deprived. We usually add a bunch of spices to ours, but the recipe below is very basic yet still very yummy.

Mini Meatballs

These can be enjoyed on their own, in spaghetti sauce, salads or sandwiches, or as a deconstructed burger with all the fixings. My son absolutely loves them along with fresh tomato slices, avocado chunks, and naturally fermented pickles.

Basic Mini Meatballs (Serves 1-4)

1lb ground beef
1/2 tsp celtic grey salt
1/4 tsp ground white pepper
1tsp tallow, lard, ghee, etc.

1. In a mixing bowl, mix ground beef, salt, and pepper together well.

2. Shape the mini meatballs by taking small chunks and rolling them in the palm of your hand.

3. Heat skillet to 300o and add a tsp of tallow or other saturated fat to pot. Spread fat evenly.

5. Add half the mini meatballs (or more if they will fit comfortably in the skillet) and let them cook. Roll them around every now and then so they brown evenly. Once cooked, remove with a slotted spoon or a big fork.

6. Cook the remaining meatballs until browned evenly then remove.

7. Serve immediately and enjoy!

These may be frozen before cooking, or after allowing them to cool after cooking. They will make life easier!

Stay tuned for my personal favorite mini meatball recipe. What are your favorite spices to add? Let me know by leaving a comment!