How To Dump Oxalates And Heal Your Gut

I can tell you what has worked for my son in a very short time, although keep in mind children tend to heal more quickly than adults do. I do a form of muscle testing called “truth” testing to figure out dosages, and kind of play it by ear with the magnesium supplement. We also do epsom and baking soda baths.

I gave him meat broth first thing in AM and last thing before bed. He starts his day with 1 tsp L-glutamine, 1/8 tsp taurine, 23 drops Chanca Piedra, 3 drops Vitamin K2, his multi-mineral and magnesium supplements and his probiotic.

We dose the probiotic every 2-3 hours, I find it helps with dumping better that way and wards off an asthma attack. We worked up slowly to 5 capsules per day, adding 1 capsule each week. We were working up to 6 capsules and should add that in Wednesday, but now I’m not sure if it’s necessary… with all the fermented foods and drinks we have, he might already be at a therapeutic dose.

We are using Body Biotics to degrade oxalates, but GutPro would work as well. So would VSL#3, but I have not tried it because of additives and concerns about the strep strain it has (I don’t know that we would have issues with it, though). The strains that help to degrade oxalates include several strains of Lactobacilli (especially acidophilus, gasseri, plantarum, brevis) and Bifidobacteria (primarily B. lactis and infantis). S. Thermophilus does degrade oxalates as well. It is good to have a mix of these because some of these die when they consume oxalates, and an important goal is re-populating the gut with sufficient beneficial bacteria. The ones that do continue to grow among oxalates include L. plantarum, L. brevis and B. infantis.

He also gets Pure Encapsulations’ Homocysteine Factors but not sure how much as he doesn’t get it directly. I take 1 capsule and he nurses. But the B6(?) did trigger more dumping.

Before bed he gets another 3 drops Vitamin K2 (dose is 1 drop/10lbs of body weight 2-3x/day) and 4 sprays magnesium oil. Sometime during the day (usually around lunch) I also give an additional 3 drops of Nutricology’s Molybdenum to help with his sulfur/salicylate issues. My goal is to remove his intolerances so we can start doing a greater variety of fermented juices, and of course get rid of the seasonal allergies (which are thankfully getting much better!).

We, for the most part, follow the GAPS diet. We have made several modifications where I see fit. We removed most sources of fiber (sugars/fruit/grains/complex starches) and if we were having any would ferment it first (red potatoes, rice & red lentils to make dosas) until his grainy diarrhea cleared. As of a few days ago, he officially has formed stools AND no rashes! Now we are slowly reintroducing foods that do not feed yeast along with lots of fermented foods… and so far things are going well!

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We Weren’t Meant To Be Broken Part 1

photo credit: lunar caustic via photopin cc

photo credit: lunar caustic via photopin cc

As I go through the day to day of healing my son, I realize that it is hard. I know I seem like a crazy lady who pays way too much attention to what goes on and in his body as well as to what comes out. I realize that it is much easier to eat processed foods that do not contribute to health, and in some cases rob it from us, even if they are labeled as organic. I know that it is easier to live behind a ton of excuses why we can’t do this or do that and just carry on as usual. I also understand that it is hard to “deny” our children of a “normal” childhood filled with sweets. But, sometimes enough is enough. For me, that is my son having constant belly aches and asthma attacks because of “allergies.” Allergies that I know are not “real,” because he could have these foods just a few months earlier without a reaction. But, that is not the focus of this post.

I am in a mom’s group of a little over 30 women. We are each others’ support system, especially because for the most part we subscribe to the attachment parenting philosophy and many people ridicule us for that. But our children are happy.

Right now, one of the women is in the middle of possibly having her 3rd miscarriage. It’s that limbo period where what’s going to happen can’t be determined yet… a wait and see. We are supportive. We all wish we could help more. But it’s hard to know exactly what to do. We want to make it better, we want to make her babies stick… but we aren’t gods. And then… there’s that part of me who just wants to give advice on healing the underlying issues that cause miscarriages.

It kind of makes me a bit annoyed when people say that there’s nothing that could be done. That miscarriages are just a normal part of life and it’s a luck of the draw type of situation. I don’t buy it. And that doesn’t make me cold or uncaring, although I know that is what people would think if I gave my advice. So, I keep quiet. And I watch it happening over and over, feeling guilty for not imparting the information I’ve discovered through millions of sleepless nights.

Natasha Campbell-McBride, creator of the GAPS programme, says, “It sounds cruel but the woman’s body uses pregnancy as a chance to clean itself; it dumps toxins into the foetus. This is a major cause of miscarriages and stillbirth (the toxicity was enough to kill the foetus). Babies are born with different toxic load, depending on how toxic the woman’s body is.”

Simple biology is, our bodies need to be working correctly to successfully conceive, sustain a pregnancy, and have a healthy baby. Sometimes what we view as healthy just isn’t good enough. Sometimes we have to take that difficult road and do what we need to do to get our health in check.

Dedication Is Key

Due to a variety of reasons, we have ventured away from a primarily healing diet although we still real, whole, homemade foods. We haven’t been keeping up with supplements as well as we should have. I’m on summer break from school, so that is going to change now. The first thing I did was begin ramping up my son on Body Biotics, he is now on 4 capsules a day. I up it every Wednesday and the goal is 6 capsules per day for 6 months. I’m not sure I’ll be able to afford it, but I’ll do my best. It will mean making sacrifices in pretty much every area, but his health and happiness is the most important thing to me.

He has had disgusting stools since getting to about 3 capsules–it’s been very stinky and gritty. It must either be oxalates or yeast, who knows. We are not very low oxalate although we have our days.

We are re-starting GAPS this evening. Earlier he sounded like he was about to start an asthma attack and I’m sick of my baby feeling so unwell. We don’t really eat many non-GAPS foods, just sourdough and green plantains. I think sourdough might be to blame for everything that’s been undone since all his issues pretty much disappeared on GAPS last year. There was a time when my starter went bad and I didn’t really realize it until it STUNK of acetone, and I was using it still. I do not know if the issues are lingering from then or if “properly” prepared sourdough would have been OK. This was just a couple of months ago and I know it can take a while for things to normalize. Took about 6 months last time, I think, and it might have been quicker if we were strictly Full GAPS (we skipped intro since I am nursing and would be eating Full GAPS foods anyway). We still did potatoes (soaked) and plantains.

Right now he is drinking his first bowl of chicken broth. It is broth made with liver at the end, coconut oil, olive oil and salt. He already seems to feel a bit better. He was miserable! We are still doing the Vitamin K and his teeth look great! I’m not sure about his tolerance for oxalates though as he also has sulfur issues and they seem to be in the same foods.

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