October 2013 Highlights: Posts I Enjoyed

It’s the end of the month (already???), and since I follow so many great blogs I’ve decided to highlight some of my favorite finds!

Last night I made sourdough pizza for dinner, so naturally I remembered this homemade frozen pizza post I stumbled on. I need to start doing that to make easy nights even easier (I’m a sucker for easy!). Even just freezing homemade pizza sauce would be a big help, since I usually make it on pizza day.

I am also a sucker for posts on managing emotional eating since it is one of my personal struggles. This post about wasting food probably hits the nail on the head of why I struggle with emotional eating in the first place! I’ve made it my resolution never to make my son, or future children should I have any, eat more than they want. In fact, I encourage my son to stop eating when his tummy tells him it is full, even if the food is too good to resist!

I am always amazed by the things people come up with. I mean vitamin C gelatin gummies? Spiced pumpkin caramel chocolates? Gummy worms? Homemade? And all without high-fructose corn syrup? Seriously?!!

You guys don’t know this about me yet, but I love reading emotional pieces. I love to read birthing stories, but I also love to read stories about loss and infertility, especially when it results in seeking true healing. I have no doubt the new journey Mary is on will bring her plenty of joy.

My son had to stick to a very low FODMAP diet for a while, but thankfully his tolerance has grown. With food allergies and intolerances, it can be very difficult to figure out what to eat. We still struggle with it at times since we still have some limitations. Thankfully, it is getting much better for us over time.

If you’ve liked my page on Facebook already, you probably know that I think this is the best apple crisp recipe even though I haven’t tried it yet. We limit sweets, so naturally I can’t wait for Thanksgiving and Christmas to pig out. This may grace our tables on both holidays!

This post on what to give a real foodie really made me chuckle. Especially the tidbit about the stinky sauerkraut, just one more reason I love my Boss Picklers…no stinkies!

This paleo apple butter pumpkin pie looks sooo yummy, as does this creamy carrot tomato soup. I really love soup! And I can’t wait to retry the cauliflower pizza crust, because last time mine didn’t hold together very well. I’m sure it was because I didn’t follow directions–it was still delicious!

The contaminated breast milk study really annoyed me, and I’m glad other bloggers defended milk sharing. It has been such an awesome way for many, many babies to get good nutrition.

And what about H. Pylori? Is it a friend or a foe? I’m still not sure! H. pylori is often linked with grain intolerance, and grain intolerance can lead to brain inflammation as well…which is a very scary thing. Gluten and other grain proteins could also be the reason a person keeps gaining weight. My mom gains 5lbs instantly when she cheats and looks at wheat!

This homemade vapor rub recipe is great for colds and achy muscles. I feel much more comfortable using homemade preparations with my family. I’m sure I’ll be using this in the future! This easy DIY bug spray caught my interest as well.

I really wish I had space to garden. Besides not having a window in my kitchen (grrr!), the worst thing about townhouse living is the lack of garden space. I would absolutely LOVE to have an organic raised bed garden!

There are many other links I loved this month but this is getting a bit too long! Make sure you like my Facebook page as I share my favorites there as I find them. Enjoy your Halloween and be sure to stay away from these creepy foods!

Feeding Your Sourdough Starter

Next week, I’m going to share with you my favorite sourdough pizza recipe. Dough, sauce, toppings and all! It is good. For the particular recipe I’m going to use, a “fed” starter is required, so I wanted to go over how one would go about feeding sourdough starter. It’s pretty easy!

What is a fed starter? A fed starter has simply been “refreshed” by feeding and allowing to rise. You want to catch it when it has just about doubled, but has not fallen yet and isn’t showing signs of distress (such as hooch, an alcoholic liquid that may rise to the top or be in the middle).

What’s next? Now that you know what a fed starter is, let’s go over how to feed your starter. I typically feed it just enough to have what I need for the recipe I’m going to use, without much extra to spare. I am not a fan of waste, so I typically don’t throw any starter out. If it’s really in need of being thrown out, I will use it to make pancakes or pizza (this pizza is typically a flatter crust, though).

I usually have maybe a tbsp of starter left in my jar, whatever is coating it. Then I’ll add 200 grams of water, mix until milky, and add 200 grams of flour. I’ve kept my starter using other methods before, including 1 cup water to 1 cup flour, 3/4 cup water to 1 cup flour, and 2/3 cup water to 1 cup flour. They all work, and when making a recipe it’s often necessary to adjust based on how you kept your starter. I like to keep my starter on the thicker side because I find it rises a little slower and that’s actually an advantage in my hot house! I don’t want to have to feed it all the time. Anyway, mix the flour in and set to rise. If you are not about to use it, go ahead and stick it in the fridge until you’re ready to!

If you had a good amount of starter, say 1 cup, in your jar, you will either want to use it to make something, throw it away, or use a bigger jar if needed and add at least an additional cup of flour. The more starter is in the jar, the quicker things will happen and therefore it can use up the food more quickly.

To recap, you basically just add the water and mix, then add the flour. It is hard to mess up and sourdough is also very forgiving. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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