What I’m Grateful For Day #20: The Fact That Real Butter Is GOOD For Us!

Now I am a foodie, I will gladly own that title. So, don’t be surprised if many of my day of thankfulness posts wind up being about the foods I love! I have to give a shout out to butter because it is such a wonderful food that I truly everyone should eat in abundance, as long as they aren’t allergic or intolerant to it!

Why do I say this? Well, I will have to do a completely separate post about butter in the future or this post would get way too long. But I’ll gladly go over just few of the benefits of butter and why I think it is so important in our diets. I may have gone a little more in-depth on my post how to make ghee, so you can check out that post if you’re just dying for more information why you should eat these fats up.

Butter is made of saturated fats and cholesterol. For many, this is a reason to avoid it, but that would be a really bad thing to do unless you want to end up with one (or more) of the many degenerative diseases that are prevalent today. Cholesterol and saturated fats are essential for our bodies, they play an important role with brain health and can help us avoid dementia-related diseases.

Butter has loads of fat-soluble vitamins. We keep hearing about fat-soluble vitamins, but what are these exactly? Fat-soluble vitamins are vitamins that are stored in our fat cells, to keep it simple. Instead of peeing the excess out, as we do with B vitamins and vitamin C, it is actually stored in our fat to be used at a later date. The problem is that many of us are deficient in these vitamins to begin with, although we need good amounts of them. We have been so far removed from the diet that we were meant to have, opting for GMO canola, corn, soy and other vegetable oils instead of real animal fats, that our parents and in some cases our parents’ parents did not have a good supply of fat-soluble vitamins to pass on to us. It has caused a host of issues especially for women and their babies. Starving from fats and fat-soluble vitamins leads to problems like hormonal imbalances, failure to thrive, mid-line defects such as tongue and lip ties, spina bifida, and many other issues. These vitamins are crucial for many important processes in the body, and work hand-in-hand with many other vitamins and minerals. What’s in butter? A, D, E, and K. K2 is a vitamin that is mostly found readily available in animal foods. While it is synthesized during fermentation, the amounts often aren’t significant. It is found in Natto, a fermented soy product, but not many eat that. It is also created in the body by soil-based probiotics, which many of us do not get any of these days due to farming practices.

Butter helps balance blood sugar. Sometimes when my son starts going crazy, I give him some butter to eat. He loves butter and a diet high in fat really helps with this, which means less mood swings and such. For me, it means I don’t get those crazy fainting spells!

Butter has antioxidants! The fat-soluble vitamins like A and K2 serve as antioxidants and can help protect the body from viruses and the like, but butter also has something called CLA, which has been shown in studies to aid in cancer prevention! Isn’t that neat? Grass-fed butter has the highest concentration of these nutrients.

Do you eat REAL butter? If you don’t know, are you going to start? I hope so! I ate 1/4 stick of butter yesterday, just ’cause. And it was divine!

What I’m Grateful For Day #17: My Little Guy’s Funny Jokes

He doesn’t always know he’s being funny, but how can you not crack up at cute little gems like these:

I told him that I was doing something important so he could play a game in the meantime. His response?

I don’t want to do anything in the meantime. I only like nice times!

Or when I try to explain that he should be grateful for whatever he gets and just say thank you, not ask for bigger pieces. And he responds…

Ok, I’m going to be grateful. Can I have a big one please? Oh please, oh please, oh please?

I don’t know where he got it from, I really don’t think it’s from me. You see, I’m not a very funny person. I’m the type people usually consider boring! I’m quiet, I’m shy, I’m a severe introvert, and I don’t make many jokes. But my son? He is the opposite. He talks to random strangers and invites them to his house and his birthday parties. He sings and dances for them and is happy to go anywhere with them as long as I will be coming along (thank goodness he loves his mama so much, or he’d be pretty easy to steal!). He runs to random strangers at the park asking them to help him because mama’s trying to take him home and he’s not done playing yet. Yes, he keeps me laughing!

One day, he told my aunt:

Stop calling me! Do not call me again! You keep calling me every time but I need to call new people now!

I had to agree with her response….my whole family agrees–we don’t know what to do with him!

What I’m Grateful For Day #14: The Amazing Healing Ability Of Our Bodies

This one really doesn’t need an explanation. I am endlessly amazed by the work our bodies do on a regular basis. It’s like our body has life figured out, even though we don’t. Eat nutritious foods, breathe clean air, get adequate sleep, keep stress levels low, make time to play, love, laugh, stay hydrated… our body has the innate wisdom of what it needs to survive thrive!

It’s a little crazy that the first thing that led me to finding out that our body can heal itself is cavities. It seems pretty vain to worry about that, but yet I’m thankful that I chose something to worry about and it led to discovering how many other conditions we struggle with could be healed. We changed our entire diets to heal tooth decay and asthma and were rewarded with better health than I’ve had my entire life. We’ve still got healing to do but we are well on our ways.

It’s pretty simple, provide your body with the love and care it deserves…you’ll only get one in this lifetime! I know many people are still skeptic of the power of food and lowering toxic exposure as much as possible, but that just makes it more important for those of us who have experienced this miracle to spread the word.

You can heal through diet. You really, really can!