Dehydrated Chips (Zucchini, Carrot, Daikon Radish)

I am a member of the most fabulous fermenting group, Fermenter’s Kitchen, on Facebook. The owner, Jane, has shared sauerkraut that she dehydrated to make crispy because it didn’t turn out very crunchy. So I thought this could apply to other things as well, and decided to dehydrate some of the ginger carrots and daikon chips that I fermented a little while ago. The original plan was to dehydrate them all, but I figured there weren’t enough. So I dehydrated two trays while I was already making yogurt. Way to multi-task!

Fermented and dehydrated carrot and daikon chips

These ginger carrot and daikon chips are fermented, then dehydrated at 95o. They turned out pretty small!

As you can see, they ended up pretty small. I used the small side of this slicer. I also did 4 trays of zucchini chips (thinly sliced zucchini, olive oil and salt), which while better size-wise, were still not THAT crispy. They also plumped right back up while eating. My mom complained that these things aren’t chips, and said maybe I did not dehydrate them enough. I told her I dehydrated them extra! I suppose we are just pickier than normal folks and this is what crispy is to others.

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Am I wrong? Do your dehydrator chips turn out really crispy? Is it because I soaked them in olive oil and salt first instead of just coating with olive oil then sprinkling with salt once on the dehydrator trays? If you have any tips, let me know. At least my son likes them… I estimate they won’t last long at all!