Homemade Jamaican Banana Chips

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Green bananas. Coconut oil. Himalayan Pink Salt. That’s all you need to make this tasty treat:

Homemade Jamaican Banana Chips

A healthier alternative to store-bought chips.

Oh, a skillet and a knife or slicer will come in handy as well. First, you’ll want to put some oil in your skillet, maybe ¼ inch. Put it on the stove and set to medium low heat/350o (on a range of 1-10, about 3-3.5). Peel your green bananas and slice them thinly. Put them in the pot once the oil is hot enough to fry. You’ll have to move them around periodically to ensure even cooking and browning. Remove from pot, toss with a little salt to taste, and enjoy!

I could eat these all day. I used to eat the store-bought versions all the time… I grew up in Jamaica and they are one of the most popular, if not the most popular, snacks there. It is almost a delicacy! When we visit Jamaica we usually bring back huge bulk packs of banana chips, but I’m pretty sure we won’t be doing that anymore! They are too easy and inexpensive to make. And they taste better! I can hardly believe I was so hesitant to give the processed version up! It’s great having a favorite snack and not having to worry about rancid, GMO oils and processed, possibly iodized, and sugared salt!

Green bananas are a staple in Jamaica. We eat them in many ways, not just as chips. And it’s not just because they grow in abundance there…green bananas have multiple health benefits! The fiber helps to reduce the risk of heart disease and colon cancer. They sooth the stomach lining and help to expel bacteria that may cause ulcers. They contain the prebiotic fructooligosaccharide, which helps to feed beneficial flora so they can proliferate, nourish and protect us.

Green bananas contain indigestible (to humans) short chain fatty acids (SCFAs) that are a favorite food of the cells that make up the lining of the intestines. When these cells are well-nourished and healthy, the body’s ability to absorb nutrients such as calcium can increase dramatically. – WHFoods

They are not the same baked or dehydrated, by the way. And you want green bananas–not kinda green, slightly green or even mostly green. GREEN. Maybe I should take a pic to show you?

So there you have it, these are healthy and they are quick and easy to make. So go ahead and try them, and then let me know what you think!

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