Sourdough Tortilla Recipe

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Sourdough Tortilla

I have been in love with tortillas since the first time I tried them. Especially tortilla chips. These can easily become tortilla chips by flavoring and dehydrating them. Sourdough tortillas are extra special. They have so much flavor and are good on their own. I usually make extra just so I can have some leftovers for breakfast!

Sourdough Tortilla Recipe (Makes 16 tortillas)

2 Cups All-Purpose Flour
1/2 Cup Olive Oil
3/4 Cup Sourdough Starter
Approx 1/4 Cup Water

2 tsp salt

1. In a big mixing bowl, combine 2 cups all-purpose flour and 1/2 cup olive oil. Other fats will work. Using a pastry blender or a big fork, “cut” them together until they are mixed and crumbly.

2. Add the sourdough starter and mix together as best you can. Add about 1/2 the water and add the rest slowly. Once dough is coming together, mix with your hands until you form a nice clean ball. It should not be very sticky but should not be dry, either. If you added too much water, add a bit more flour a tbsp at a time. Knead for a few minutes, make a ball and return it to the mixing bowl where you will leave it for 12-24 hours to sour. Cover with a plastic wrap so it doesn’t form a crust.

3. When you’re ready to make the tortillas, sprinkle 2 tsp salt on the ball, which has risen quite a bit by now. Knead it in well.

4. At this point I usually weigh the ball with my kitchen scale, then divide into 16 equal pieces. It’s OK to eyeball if you don’t have a kitchen scale yet.

5. If you’re like me, at this point you will go ahead and set your pot to warm up on medium low. You can do this and cook the tortillas one-by-one as soon as you roll them out, or you can roll them all out first.

6. Roll each piece into a neat little ball and flatten/roll out to desired thickness using a rolling pin.

7. Put tortilla in pre-heated skillet and cook until bubbles form, flip and let second side brown as well. This process does not take long, watch closely and adjust heat if necessary!

8. Remove tortilla to a plate and cover with a kitchen towel until ready to use. Continue steps 6, 7 and 8 until you’re done cooking them all.

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  1. Jen says:

    I just made these tortillas, and they tasted just lovely! Thanks for a great recipe! I actually made tortilla chips from the leftovers, just cut them into smaller, chips size bits and fried them in coconut oil and ghee. They were absolutely delicious, and tasted great with a dip or cream cheese! Thanks again.

    • Jo says:

      I’m glad you liked them! I made them a few days ago and can I just say I never have any leftover to make tortilla chips with? LOL! I eat them by themselves while cooking more and just slather ’em with a ton of raw butter. Yummm :)

  2. Michelle says:

    Great recipe! These tortillas were so much easier to knead and roll than another SD tortilla recipe I tried. I’ll be making these again!

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