The Boss Pickler Review

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Vegetable ferments in The Boss Pickler by Primal Kitchen

Curtido, Caraway Kraut, Ginger Carrots & Daikon in the Boss Pickler jars.

I was lucky enough to be able to try out a new fermenting jar that’s now available, known as The “Boss” Pickler. I was so impressed that I’ve bought several more to round out my collection of fermenting vessels! I have very picky taste buds and learned early on that fermenting anaerobically with an airlock makes the most pleasing fermented vegetables.

I have had six Pickl-It’s that I’ve been using for a while now, but I was limited in how many ferments I could make at a time because of the space that the airlock takes up. When I saw that there was a giveaway going on for a new type of anaerobic fermenting vessel that has a trim design and still allows CO2 to escape, I just knew I had to see if it really works. This Fido jar only has a tiny nipple added on top, so it does not take up much more space than the Fido jar itself. It allows me to make 3L jars of sauerkraut instead of 2L, and it also allows me to store 1L jars with an airlock in 3 additional sections of my fridge. Previously, I could only use these areas for storage with a regular Fido lid. I can also use a 1.5L Boss Pickler in my fridge door! What I didn’t know was how hooked I would be to the ease of use. I didn’t consider that a one piece airlock meant that I would only be cleaning one part instead of thee or four. And being waterless, I do not have to worry about the water evaporating out, or starting to build up with bad bacteria/yeasts for longer ferments.

The big test is, of course, some sauerkraut that takes a long time to ferment. I’ve been happy to set a 3L of kraut in the fridge and basically forget about it. So far the coloring looks great and time is just tick-tocking away until I can get a taste. I will be sharing the results here, and possibly at a Nourishing Foods get-together mid-November. I also have plans to make lemons, garlic, and a pepper mash, all of which optimally ferment for one month or many, many more.

I also got to try one of Primal Kitchen‘s glass weights and I love that it is heavy. I haven’t been using weights because the one I had before didn’t work very well. You can buy these jars and the glass weights (plus other products including a beautiful bread-making lame that I have my eyes on!) through Etsy, Amazon, or by contacting Rochelle directly.

I love these jars already, and I can’t wait to update this post once the caraway sauerkraut is ready! For now, my “Boss” is screaming at me to make more ferments…and to that I say, “Yes, sir!”

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  1. Evalynne says:

    After reading your post I HAD to have one of these jars to try. Unfortunately, they are NOT AVAILABLE on any of the suggested locations (out of stock).

    Does that means that they didn’t, actually, work so well?

    Please, someone who has tried them, comment. I REALLY wanted these jars — they seemed to be the BEST solution!

  2. Allison says:

    Since it has been a couple of years since you wrote this, I’d love to hear if the Boss is still your favorite and any other comments about your experience with it since then.
    I have been comparing the Pickl It, Probiotic Jar and Boss. Have you also tried the Probiotic Jar? I have been looking for some comparison of the 3. They all look very good though I like the idea of the simplicity and ease of the Boss. All three jars look excellent though there seem to be less people who have used the Boss. Please share more about this ; ).

    I am thinking the flat bottom construction of the Dunk’R weight in Pickl It might be better at evenly weighing down the food beneath the brine compared to the rounded bottom brine bowl in the Probiotic Jar. I like the careful precision mentioned in drilling the airlock hole that Probiotic Jar claims to do. Do the Pickl It and Boss also have this very smooth hole that will not cut into the silicone gasket for a good seal and to prevent wear? Better question is how have your Pickl Its held up over time? I’d greatly appreciate your views comparing these jars. I am looking forward to begin anaerobic ferments as soon as possible after mixed results in mason jars.

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