What I’m Grateful For Day #21: Patience

It’s a great thing both when we have patience and when others show us patience. But today I’m thankful that I am a patient person. Especially with having a young child who is sometimes needy and at other times likes to push buttons, it really comes in handy. Sometimes I just wish that schools realized that!

This weekend I have several assignments due, and I’m realizing how much more I could learn if I were truly able to go at my own pace. As it is, I often have to rush and do this or wait to do that because I have so many other things to do that are sometimes just more important. Some of the professors are very understanding and have loose deadlines, and others don’t realize that many people take online classes because they need greater flexibility than traditional on-campus schooling offers. It also annoys me because when I have extra time, sometimes I’d like to work ahead but future modules are closed. This is annoying.

Anyway, I’m glad that I have the patience to take things slow and enjoy the little things life has to offer, like holding my son while he sleeps because it’s just one of those days where he needs that extra touch, and putting him down just isn’t happening. And like making yogurt and waiting for it to warm up to the right temperature so I can fill the jars, and teaching my son that yes, you are going to have to wait a full 24 hours + some cooling time before it’s ready! And making bone broth, sourdough and fermented foods…although none of those take much active time, there is some time that needs to be respected! Sourdough is so tempting to cut right into as soon as it gets out of the oven, but the best texture comes from giving it a little time to do its thing! And sauerkraut is most healthful after a long ferment of several months, and it tastes awesome, too!

This holiday season, I encourage to exercise even just a little more patience than you usually do! Especially when things get busy and especially if you have young kids that are going to get in your way. Make it a resolution now so that you have an easier time actually doing it when that time comes.

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