What I’m Grateful For Day #4: Pets

When we lived in Jamaica, we didn’t really believe in having “inside pets.” We liked them but we didn’t really have a huge attachment to them because we basically just gave them food and shelter. When we got dogs a few years ago, we had no choice but to keep them inside. We only have one dog now, but we also have a cat. Both of them have enriched our lives in ways that we could not even imagine.

Our dog is a Pekingese and has a bunch of attitude. She originally came from a puppy mill rescue and would drink dirty water from mud puddles outside. Now she turns her nose up at water if it hasn’t been filtered! She is pretty easy-going most of the time and often acts like a little human. We had no idea a dog could be so smart!

I’m not sure what breed of cat we have, but we’re pretty sure it is a boy. It might be a mongrel for all we know as it just followed my brother home when it was a kitten (this was a little over 2 months ago, believe it or not!). At first, we were trying to find her a new home but she has grown quite a bit in that short period of time and she has also become a part of our family. Even our dog, who absolutely hated him at first, has come to love her. Several of us seem to be mildly allergic, but as of now we don’t really have any plans to re-home her.

Our furry friends play well together and offer so much amusement. They are so intuitive and perceptive and know when anything is going on with us, even when other humans can’t tell.

Pets provide our lives with much-needed love, laughter, touch, companionship, stress relief and so much more. The things we do for them may seem to go unrewarded, but the true reward is in having a loving family member that is loyal and who truly cares, no matter what.

This post is a part of the 30 Days of Gratitude challenge by Kathy at Simple Clean Living. Be sure to check out what the other participants are grateful for!