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Hey there!

I’m Jo, and my goal is to help you lead a healthier, more fulfilling life by teaching you the value of eating wholesome, nourishing foods and incorporating positivity into your life in every avenue possible.

I know food is an emotional thing for many people and that diet changes are hard. I’ve been there. I used to eat bread, cakes, and granola bars all day long. I thought eating a healthy dinner meant I could do whatever I want the rest of the day. I ate so many GMO peanuts it’s a surprise I didn’t turn into one!

When my son developed multiple allergies and asthma, I knew it was time for a change. I researched like crazy, and began pursuing a degree in Public Health so that I could play some small part in helping the world return to traditional foods and holistic wellness.

I’m also a positive parent. I believe that we need to give our children our best for them to be their best. They are so young and just learning to navigate this big, scary world. We should help them along in their journey in a way that encourages them and preserves their confidence.

How can I help you? I post easy recipes that don’t skimp on flavor and are often allergen-friendly. I am also happy to speak with you directly and personally help you reach your wellness goals, or point you in the right direction. Click here to contact me.

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