Can You Heal Cavities? Why Yes, You CAN!!!

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If you landed on this page because you are searching for a way to heal cavities for yourself or a loved one, I want to let you know that there is hope!

My son was one of the unfortunate toddlers to have decaying teeth. It started as a little spot that his then Pediatrician assured me was fine, and a result of the breathing treatments he had to have so often because of his reactive airways. Being an asthmatic, it meant that he was put on several prescriptions including inhalers, liquid steroids and preventative pills. The doctor advised me to clean his mouth well after every breathing treatment, so that’s what I did.

The little spot started to grow, and some of his teeth had vertical translucent lines. My heart sank! His teeth came out so beautiful, perfect and white! His teeth were one of the first things people would notice about him–they were literally like a movie star’s!

But now there was this brown spot that was spreading and getting darker. At the same time, I could see two black cavities in my mouth and my teeth were slowly disintegrating. Small pieces of my teeth would chip off even when I was just sitting there doing nothing. One of my cavities covered a good portion of a molar. I also had a molar on the opposite side that didn’t seem to have a cavity, but was “loose.” I could move it back and forth with my tongue and often did…it became a habit. I knew I should see a dentist as soon as possible, but just let it be. But when it came to my son’s teeth, I just couldn’t give up without a fight!

I started researching what things I could try to heal cavities and came upon the Weston A. Price Foundation way of eating and several other methods, mainly from moms who posted over on the mothering forums. They have extensive posts on many topics!

I decided to try Dr. Ellie’s mouth care regimen since it seemed the easiest to use. The results were pretty good…at first. Eventually my son’s teeth started to get really yellow. And if I stopped the protocol (minus the xylitol), within a few days his teeth would start becoming see-through again. He also had loose stools filled with undigested foods, which were worse than usual. I’m guessing the chemicals in the protocol were hard on his body.

I read more about Weston A. Price and eventually came upon an article about the GAPS diet. I had a big Aha! moment, because my son has asthma and multiple food allergies. He had eczema in the past. His growth slowed way down after introducing solids, and his first solid foods were either an allergen or made him constipated. Something just clicked, and I decided to dive in. These were all things the GAPS diet would be able to fix, and all with natural foods that would support his body with the potential to heal cavities too!

I got a bottle of FCLO for my son and embraced the bone broths and the fats. We put tallow, coconut oil and olive oil on everything. We barely had any fruit, nuts, beans/seeds. When we did have these things, they were either paired with a fat or soaked and/or sprouted–and usually both. Majority of our diet was chicken and veggies, with some beef or fish here and there. We got good mineral-rich salt. We filtered our water (well, we were already doing that because to me, tap water tastes nasty).

Something amazing started to happen. My son’s decay lightened and the brown area started feeling much stronger. It did not disappear completely, but it completely halted and his teeth are strong. They also aren’t see-through anymore. When we ventured off of GAPS, his teeth started becoming see-through again. We learned that oxalates were probably a big deal and decided to try the Vitamin K Protocol, and it was amazing for his teeth.

My teeth also got much better even though I very rarely ever took any FCLO (small budget so I rationed it all for my son). I can’t move any of my teeth with my tongue or hand. I can’t see any black cavities. The big one in the molar was reversed as well, but the damage that was already there caused my tooth to break once when I bit something hard. However, what’s left of it has no sign of disease, no black whatsoever! It’s amazing!

Find actionable tips to heal tooth decay here.

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Note: This was written late 2013 and confirmed by regular dentist a year later–no cavities or soft spots for either of us!

How To Dump Oxalates And Heal Your Gut

I can tell you what has worked for my son in a very short time, although keep in mind children tend to heal more quickly than adults do. I do a form of muscle testing called “truth” testing to figure out dosages, and kind of play it by ear with the magnesium supplement. We also do epsom and baking soda baths.

I gave him meat broth first thing in AM and last thing before bed. He starts his day with 1 tsp L-glutamine, 1/8 tsp taurine, 23 drops Chanca Piedra, 3 drops Vitamin K2, his multi-mineral and magnesium supplements and his probiotic.

We dose the probiotic every 2-3 hours, I find it helps with dumping better that way and wards off an asthma attack. We worked up slowly to 5 capsules per day, adding 1 capsule each week. We were working up to 6 capsules and should add that in Wednesday, but now I’m not sure if it’s necessary… with all the fermented foods and drinks we have, he might already be at a therapeutic dose.

We are using Body Biotics to degrade oxalates, but GutPro would work as well. So would VSL#3, but I have not tried it because of additives and concerns about the strep strain it has (I don’t know that we would have issues with it, though). The strains that help to degrade oxalates include several strains of Lactobacilli (especially acidophilus, gasseri, plantarum, brevis) and Bifidobacteria (primarily B. lactis and infantis). S. Thermophilus does degrade oxalates as well. It is good to have a mix of these because some of these die when they consume oxalates, and an important goal is re-populating the gut with sufficient beneficial bacteria. The ones that do continue to grow among oxalates include L. plantarum, L. brevis and B. infantis.

He also gets Pure Encapsulations’ Homocysteine Factors but not sure how much as he doesn’t get it directly. I take 1 capsule and he nurses. But the B6(?) did trigger more dumping.

Before bed he gets another 3 drops Vitamin K2 (dose is 1 drop/10lbs of body weight 2-3x/day) and 4 sprays magnesium oil. Sometime during the day (usually around lunch) I also give an additional 3 drops of Nutricology’s Molybdenum to help with his sulfur/salicylate issues. My goal is to remove his intolerances so we can start doing a greater variety of fermented juices, and of course get rid of the seasonal allergies (which are thankfully getting much better!).

We, for the most part, follow the GAPS diet. We have made several modifications where I see fit. We removed most sources of fiber (sugars/fruit/grains/complex starches) and if we were having any would ferment it first (red potatoes, rice & red lentils to make dosas) until his grainy diarrhea cleared. As of a few days ago, he officially has formed stools AND no rashes! Now we are slowly reintroducing foods that do not feed yeast along with lots of fermented foods… and so far things are going well!

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More Probiotics, Not Less!

The problem with things not being clearly mapped out is that it’s difficult to determine what is a reaction that you need to push through and what is a reaction that means back off, or even stop completely. I am searching through the VitaminK Yahoo! group for as much information as I can gather as I arm myself for what might happen.

It appears that starting the Vitamin K can cause moodiness, and that is probably the case with LO. Yesterday and today were both difficult days, which went along with a dosage increase. He was back to being very contrary. I upped the amount of probiotics I give him by a full capsule, apparently I’ll need to do that again ASAP.

Apparently the Vitamin K takes the calcium out of calcium-oxalate crystals and leaves the oxalates behind to do their damage. The probiotics degrade the oxalates. As the body realizes that the oxalates are being degraded, it starts dumping more into the GI tract to be disposed of as well. This can cause many of the old issues, including diarrhea with black specks–the reason I stopped the probiotics a while ago to return to a “baseline.”

Catherine Tamaro, writer of The Vitamin K Protocol, explains that in situations like these it is actually necessary to introduce MORE bacteria to degrade more oxalates, and keep a steady flow going. Oi. The lady at Body Biotics DID tell me that, either cut back or bump up dosage and push through, but I thought she was a little loony. Now that I have the explanation of WHY, it makes sense.