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How To Dump Oxalates And Heal Your Gut

I can tell you what has worked for my son in a very short time, although keep in mind children tend to heal more quickly than adults do. I do a form of muscle testing called “truth” testing to figure out dosages, and kind of play it by ear with the magnesium supplement. We also do epsom and baking soda baths.

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I gave him meat broth first thing in AM and last thing before bed. He starts his day with 1 tsp L-glutamine, 1/8 tsp taurine, 23 drops Chanca Piedra, 3 drops Vitamin K2, his multi-mineral and magnesium supplements and his probiotic.

We dose the probiotic every 2-3 hours, I find it helps with dumping better that way and wards off an asthma attack. We worked up slowly to 5 capsules per day, adding 1 capsule each week. We were working up to 6 capsules and should add that in Wednesday, but now I’m not sure if it’s necessary… with all the fermented foods and drinks we have, he might already be at a therapeutic dose.

We are using Body Biotics to degrade oxalates, but GutPro would work as well. So would VSL#3, but I have not tried it because of additives and concerns about the strep strain it has (I don’t know that we would have issues with it, though). The strains that help to degrade oxalates include several strains of Lactobacilli (especially acidophilus, gasseri, plantarum, brevis) and Bifidobacteria (primarily B. lactis and infantis). S. Thermophilus does degrade oxalates as well. It is good to have a mix of these because some of these die when they consume oxalates, and an important goal is re-populating the gut with sufficient beneficial bacteria. The ones that do continue to grow among oxalates include L. plantarum, L. brevis and B. infantis.

He also gets Pure Encapsulations’ Homocysteine Factors but not sure how much as he doesn’t get it directly. I take 1 capsule and he nurses. But the B6(?) did trigger more dumping.

Before bed he gets another 3 drops Vitamin K2 (dose is 1 drop/10lbs of body weight 2-3x/day) and 4 sprays magnesium oil. Sometime during the day (usually around lunch) I also give an additional 3 drops of Nutricology’s Molybdenum to help with his sulfur/salicylate issues. My goal is to remove his intolerances so we can start doing a greater variety of fermented juices, and of course get rid of the seasonal allergies (which are thankfully getting much better!).

We, for the most part, follow the GAPS diet. We have made several modifications where I see fit. We removed most sources of fiber (sugars/fruit/grains/complex starches) and if we were having any would ferment it first (red potatoes, rice & red lentils to make dosas) until his grainy diarrhea cleared. As of a few days ago, he officially has formed stools AND no rashes! Now we are slowly reintroducing foods that do not feed yeast along with lots of fermented foods… and so far things are going well!

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Tuesday 8th of February 2022

Hi, This post is quite old but maybe you'll still get a notification for this... Why did you use taurine? My son has issues with oxalates. I also suspect he has issues with bile acid. Taurine is a supplement usually given for issues with bile acid. I've never seen it mentioned for oxalates. So, I'm curious how you came about chosing that supplement? Thanks!


Saturday 21st of May 2022

I did in fact give taurine for bile help! It was in an article by an actual doctor that I read, but I can't seem to find it now that I wanted to share it with you :( But basically it is supposed to help oxalates when bile and digestive system as a whole is functioning properly.

Malcolm Tabberer

Monday 18th of January 2021

I’m 69 years old and just recently was diagnosed with a high oxalate problem. It seems my body is over producing oxalates. I went on a low oxalate diet. My doctor is having me test the air in my house for mold or fungus to see if that may be triggering the over production. I will be starting fungus cleanse diet also for candida because that may actually be the factor. I have had diverticulitis for manny years but have been able to keep it healed with a product called Digestacure. The problem showed up in my joints. It started with one shoulder them move over to the other shoulder then went to my wrists, hands and fingers. Very pain full to lift my arms up and lost strength in my hands due to the pain. Went to a specialist and she said I didn’t have rheumatoid arthritis nor osteoarthritis. She said it was just age related arthritis. She did say go back to my natural bio doctor and come back to let her know if she found anything else as the culprit. Can you share with me what i should be taking to help control the oxalates and the supplements and minerals that will help safely dump oxalates? The correct doses for my age and size. I’m 6’1” and weigh 220 lbs. I can’t even play golf now. I’m really worried about the damage that may be happening to my joints as well as what serious damage may be caused to my organs especially my heart and kidneys. So far i have not had kidney stones like others do. It is my joints. Thank you Malcolm Tabberer


Sunday 14th of November 2021

@Malcolm Tabberer, Sounds like what I experienced. Search Amazon for “Living Low Oxalate When oxalate rich foods destroy your health.”


Sunday 28th of October 2018

Hello, I'm trying to heal from Oxalate issues & Gut, along with a tonne of sensitivity ... living on 4 - 8 foods most days.

How old was your son at this time? Who put you onto this method?

And is your son okay now??

Thank you Kindly, Mary-Ann


Thursday 4th of July 2019

Hi dear!

I hope you are doing well? My son was around 4 at the time. He's doing very well now! Still has multiple allergies but can eat a wide variety of foods.

We worked with a naturopath, got fermenting/probiotic advice from Kathleen over at Pickl-It, and I also did alot of my own research.

I hope you are doing well and find something that works for you!