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January 2014 Highlights: Posts I Enjoyed

It is crazy how much can change in a really short time. School is back in session, my three year old is quickly turning four (next Saturday!), and… love is in the air. I’ve been crazy busy with life in general, but I’ve still had a little time to check out what’s going on at some of my favorite blogs.

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This month, I really enjoyed reading Lori’s article about magnesium deficiency symptoms. I have personal experience with magnesium deficiency causing horrible leg cramps and insomnia, as well as contributing to asthma, constipation and sleep difficulty with my son. Nettle infusions are a great way to get more magnesium. Spinach is another great source, and this spinach strawberry salad looks soooo yummy! Green eggs is a great way to serve up greens like spinach and kale (which is also high in magnesium) to your kids. If you need help getting your children to eat healthy foods, check out this article specifically geared towards picky eaters.

I had never heard of obesogens before, so reading about them was fascinating to me. Obesogens are endocrine disruptors which can lead to weight issues. Click the link to learn more about how they function and where they are found. Definitely something to avoid as much as possible!

If you are looking for a grain or gluten free cake, this banana carob cake recipe may be just what you need. Other cool recipes I spied in the past month include these grain-free apple almond twists, this delicious pear cherry detox smoothie, and this round-up of healthy breakfast recipes.

Have you ever tried growing romaine lettuce in the winter? We grow many greens this time of year in Florida because it’s prime time. The post linked gives tips for colder climates also… I personally eat lettuce year-round, and of course growing your own is the in thing now. Homemade detergent and fermented ketchup are also getting pretty popular!

And aside from all the wonderful nutrition and food posts I’ve enjoyed this month, I really loved this homemade playdough post featuring natural DIY coloring recipes. The colors look absolutely fantastic and I’m intrigued by the idea of playdough lasting forever. The store-bought stuff hardens up way too quickly at my house!

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