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Our New Journey – The Vitamin K Protocol

We have been eating mostly low-medium oxalate for a few months now, and have noticed quite a bit of improvement. However, it has come to my attention through the Heal Thyself! Facebook group that oxalate issues might actually be caused by a vitamin K2 deficiency which affects calcium regulation. I read more about it but haven’t been able to find personal anecdotes besides this lady on Facebook. I decided to try it anyway, as the decalcification issues my son shows are likely caused by K2 deficiency. This would have likely been made worse when I went dairy free, almost 3 years ago! We will still be eating low-med oxalates for now as some of them caused him issues like the black specks in stools, impulsive behavior and eye pain.

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We first got the K2 drops and KCl. We already had some baking soda and mag citrate. I put a smidgen of the powders in 16oz of water and worked him up to 3 drops of K2 twice per day. I am also giving him Royal-Breakstone as I suspect he might have stones and that is causing his issues with digesting fats/eliminating regularly. He gets a dose of taurine daily as well to help with the bile issues, and if he has a particularly fatty meal he will take an ox bile pill. The stuff tastes horrible, thankfully he has learned to swallow the capsule whole.

He has become very moody, crying over the tiniest things but the same rings true for kids from my Feb 2010 mom’s group so this seems to be an “I’m turning 3!” thing. I gave him his first baking soda bath with 5 cups of baking soda the other day and he peed A LOT and slept for 3 hours right after. He has been skipping naps like crazy so that was some well-needed rest.

I have also started him on the Body Biotics again, 1/2 capsule. We stopped for a while because it seemed to cause him to dump more and he wasn’t reacting to it well. I think I will keep him on just 1/2 capsule for a while. Just like the first time we tried it, we see results very quickly. Those soil based organisms get right down to business!

I have the iodine on the way and have tried to place an order for Angstrom Phosphorus without any luck. These things are so expensive… I hope I don’t have to keep getting refills. I plan to document any successes/side effects we’ve seen so that others who would like to embark on this journey can find information on what to expect and whether or not it actually cures oxalate issues. There is so much conflicting information out there, but I hate to think that oxalate issues are a forever-thing and we can’t ever enjoy a bowl of raspberries again!

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