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Salmon Cakes and Broccoli

Salmon cakes and broccoli

Salmon cakes, broccoli, bell peppers and sauerkraut

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My son has been sick for the past week, which means I’ve spent most of my time holding him when not otherwise busy cleaning vomit, doing laundry, or making dinner. I’ve had to think up some quick and easy dinners that still pack a nutritional punch because I’ve also been eating less in general. The mornings seem worse for him so I often forget to eat breakfast until it’s pretty close to dinner time anyway. It doesn’t help that I have a dog I have to take care of too…

I’ve mostly been doing stuff like veggie salads, tuna salads, and a simply seasoned baked chicken with squash. But tonight I wanted something different! I’ve had some cans of Wild Salmon hanging around for a while now that I bought specifically to make salmon cakes. The thought of making them was a little daunting, even though technically it should be an easy feat. Well, tonight was my first time making them and it was nothing short of easy…it was also delicious!

I scanned through a few recipes to get the basic gist of what I need to do, then I chose the spices that I wanted to use. Many times when I follow a meat/fish recipe to a T we end up not liking it very much, so I always improvise. Oh, and who has time to measure stuff when you’re preparing something quickly and on the fly?! These salmon cakes are gluten-free, and also GAPS legal. The broccoli was tossed in coconut oil and olive oil, and topped with a small sprinkle of Himalayan Pink salt. The bell peppers and sauerkraut are plain.

Salmon Cake Recipe (Serves 4-8)

3 6oz cans of salmon, drained
1/2 an onion, minced finely
2-3 shakes of paprika
A sprinkle of ground white pepper
A sprinkle of crushed red pepper flakes
A small sprinkle of tarragon
A sprinkle of thyme
A sprinkle of rosemary
A small dash of coconut aminos
2 eggs, beaten together
Butter or other healthy saturated fat to cook with


1. Mix everything except the butter together in a big bowl and shape eight patties. If yours are still very wet like mine were, you’ll want to squeeze out some of the liquid or cook a bit longer and flip carefully so they don’t fall apart.

2. Heat a flat griddle or skillet on medium low heat (3 on my range of 1-10) and add a few tbsps of butter.

3. Arrange patties and cook for a few minutes, then flip carefully and cook for a few minutes more. They should be nicely browned.

4. Serve and enjoy! =)

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