What I’m Grateful For Day #14: The Amazing Healing Ability Of Our Bodies

This one really doesn’t need an explanation. I am endlessly amazed by the work our bodies do on a regular basis. It’s like our body has life figured out, even though we don’t. Eat nutritious foods, breathe clean air, get adequate sleep, keep stress levels low, make time to play, love, laugh, stay hydrated… our body has the innate wisdom of what it needs to survive thrive!

It’s a little crazy that the first thing that led me to finding out that our body can heal itself is cavities. It seems pretty vain to worry about that, but yet I’m thankful that I chose something to worry about and it led to discovering how many other conditions we struggle with could be healed. We changed our entire diets to heal tooth decay and asthma and were rewarded with better health than I’ve had my entire life. We’ve still got healing to do but we are well on our ways.

It’s pretty simple, provide your body with the love and care it deserves…you’ll only get one in this lifetime! I know many people are still skeptic of the power of food and lowering toxic exposure as much as possible, but that just makes it more important for those of us who have experienced this miracle to spread the word.

You can heal through diet. You really, really can!

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