What I’m Grateful For Day #5: My Son

I have always loved children and knew that being a mom was in my future. Before having my son, I babysat and nannied for several families, sometimes even for free. I find being around children truly inspiring and rewarding. When I found out I was expecting my son, I was happy even though by some people’s standards I was too young. There is not a single day that goes by where I regret having my son–he is my light and my inspiration, and the reason I’ve sought out a healthier lifestyle and positive parenting.

My son is three now, and will turn four on the 8th of February. He is smart, loving, funny, talented, and has his quirks. He seeks independence like nobody’s business and one of his most asked questions is, “Why shouldn’t I do that?” Probably because he feels he’s a grown man, which makes it perfectly acceptable to purposefully pee on the ground, hurt the cat, or run outside with no undies on. I get it, the crazy rules adults have are absolutely no fun!

From very early on, my son has taken a great interest in nature and patterns. Surprisingly, he wants nothing to do with puzzles. He has a friend who does huge puzzles with small pieces and he’s not even a fan of 6 piece puzzles. He does shine when it comes to other things, though. He has a great love of learning anything other than rules–and yet he loves to tell others about the rules.

If you ask him his favorite color, it will likely change by the day. I think green is a top contender, although he tends to choose pink things. He used to love Dora, but now he’s all about the Bubble Guppies and Henry Hugglemonster. Yes, he watches TV. Once while napping, he wanted to nurse (Yes, I’m one of those crazies who nurses her toddler!) and so I started nursing him. A Bubble Guppies song started playing and he started shaking his booty. He did this until it ended then fell right back asleep. This is a true story!

He loves to ride his bike, won’t get over his push car from his first Christmas even though it’s only got 3 wheels left, likes to build things with his toolkit that I got on Amazon–it said it was for children yet it’s completely real, believe it or not, including the toxic smell!. He likes to attend the building workshops at Lowe’s, and that reminds me I need to check when the next one is… He also loves food, and has a very voracious appetite now. His favorite foods include butter, dosas, green bananas mashed or fried, broccoli and meatballs. I think his all-time favorite snack must be green apple slices with coconut butter–that’s what he traded his Halloween candy for! Lately, he has even taken a liking to salad greens! Silly guy.

Today he told me about three different times, randomly even, that he loves me. He also regularly tells me I’m his favorite girl. It is very much welcomed, especially since he has his own opinion about things and things must go his way these days. I am soooooo thankful that he is in my life, and cannot even imagine life without him. And yes, I do hope to have more children someday.

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4 Replies to “What I’m Grateful For Day #5: My Son”

  1. Nursing a toddler is not “crazy” at all. It’s a loving gift that more mothers should willingly offer their children. Too bad North America especially is so hung up on placing a strict timeline on how long you should nurse a child. So many benefits to be had , happy, healthy child the most important benefit of all!!

    1. I agree! Nursing is something that I’m passionate about and it has gotten us through many rough moments. My son is asthmatic and once he had a bad case and the stomach bug at the same time. He wouldn’t eat or drink anything but nursing was a huge comfort to him and of course provided nutrition!

  2. He sounds like the perfect little Aquarius. My birthday is February 10th and I have many similar opinions as your son. I bet he understands the rules and this is why he feels the need to remind others, bc we want very much to do the RIGHT thing. We believe strongly in justice, social causes, and rooting for the underdog. But we are constantly reminded that the RIGHT thing to do is be who we are. Plus, he probably is a grown man deep down in his soul. Those who follow astrology often ascertain that the water bearers are OLD souls here on earth 🙂 Regular old puzzles are something I love, but Aquarians are very innovative and love technology. So he may just love the Tozzle app instead of the cardboard cutouts!

    1. I am going through old posts and just stumbled on your comment. He is most definitely an old soul and continues to entertain and amaze us 🙂

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