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What To Do With Bone Broth If You Can’t Stand The Taste

Bone broth is such a healthy addition to one’s diet that it’s worth it to find creative ways to enjoy it even if you don’t like to drink it straight. These suggestions are also great ways to use leftover broth!

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Here are some of the ways I have found to include it in my family’s diet, and these suggestions work amazingly well for kids!

Macaroni & Cheese/Pasta

A friend of mine tried cooking noodles in bone broth and found that it doesn’t change the taste much and was readily accepted by her daughter. Success! This method can be used for spaghetti and lasagna, too!

Sourdough bread

Replacing the water in the recipe with bone broth is a great way to hide it in something that is very easy to eat. You can also add in different herbs…then toast and top with butter, yummmm!

Soups, Stews, and Casseroles

Use bone broth instead of some or even all the water/store-bought broth a recipe suggests to improve flavor and nutrition of your meals.


Boiling down the broth with onions and garlic makes a nice sauce that can be used to top rice, squash and mashed potatoes.

Use It When Liquid Is Running Low

I’ve used it in pasta sauce and other savory dishes instead of adding more water. This will make whatever dish you’re making more flavorful and healthier!

Use It To Cook Veggies

One of our favorite ways to have broth is in broccoli and butter (or ghee) soup. Cook broccoli al dente in broth, and add a generous amount of salt and butter. It’s so simple yet so yummy!


Potatoes cooked in broth are so amazingly flavorful. It’s out of this world with some crushed garlic. Peel first for maximum flavor.


Cooking rice in broth is practically a no-brainer. Since we are Jamaican, we’ve always loved flavored rice. Use broth instead of water and cook with onions, pimento (allspice), scallions, and coconut milk! Delicious!

Corn is a frequent addition to Jamaican chicken soup, and is so addictive when soaked with its flavor! You can also just boil corn in broth and serve with butter and a little salt. Yum!

Please pin this recipe because more moms need these ideas to get their kids to drink broth!

Child Excited to Drink Broth

Do you have other ways you use bone broth that you would add to this? If so, let me know in the comments!

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