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Where To Buy Beet Kvass

Several people have asked me where to buy beet kvass, because they understand the importance of consuming fermented foods on a regular basis but can’t (or don’t want to) make their own.

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Beets & Beet Kvass Heading - Where To Buy Beet Kvass

While it is super easy to make your own beet kvass, I understand that sometimes we might struggle with lack of time or having multiple failed batches.

Sometimes it is also helpful to taste it before making your own so that you know what it should taste like, and what you should expect.

What Is Beet Kvass?

Beet kvass is a fermented beverage made from beets, salt and water. It is a nourishing tonic that helps cleanse the liver and kidneys. Most importantly, it is teeming with beneficial nutrients and probiotics that help you to be healthier overall.

You check out this complete guide to beet kvass to learn more about beet kvass, including how to make it and tips to ensure a great ferment (+ troubleshooting help!). It also includes nutritional facts on beet kvass and why you would want to consume it!

Where’s The Best Place To Buy Beet Kvass?

When I searched for where to buy beet kvass years ago, I came up with only a few sources. But since people are becoming more knowledgeable about the wonderful benefits of fermented foods and beverages, it has become easier to find ready made ferments to buy.

Here are a some of the places you can find beet kvass that has already been fermented and is ready to drink:

  • Local farmer’s markets
  • Local co-ops
  • Whole Foods
  • Amazon
  • Azure Standard
  • Miller’s Organic Farm

Of these, the best place to buy naturally fermented beet kvass is from someone local who makes it themselves. Local beet kvass fermenters may sell directly to customer online (via Facebook, Instagram or similar avenue), or they may sell at your local farmer’s market or co-ops.

Why should you buy local beet kvass?

Local sellers tend to make their beet kvass in small batches. This means that you are more likely to get a fresh ferment. Beet kvass is best consumed within 2 months of production for the most nutrients and probiotics.

When you buy from a local seller, you are able to ask about their process while supporting small business.

I personally LOVE speaking with other people who ferment, and love to support small businesses. Especially when they are geared towards helping others improve their health while making life easier.

You can find out if they use an anaerobic fermenting process, skim kahm/mold or discard batches that have any, lightly pasteurize or leave completely raw, etc.

Those who make beet kvass at home are also more likely to use a natural fermentation process. It’s good to know if it is made with whey, a probiotic starter, a previous batch of beet kvass, or allowed to naturally ferment from fresh beets each and every time.

My preferred method is a natural ferment without any starters or “backslopping” of previous beet kvass batches.

What beet kvass brands are available at Whole Foods?

Whole Foods website lists kvass by the following brands:

  • Real Pickles
  • Biotic Beverages
  • Fab Ferments
  • Cultured Traditions

None of these were available at the local store closest to me, so availability varies by area. My local store did have a locally produced brand of beet kvass available.

What Are The Best Store-Bought Beet Kvass Brands?

Buy Happy Pantry Beet Kvass Online
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Happy Pantry Traditional Beet Kvass Tonic boasts a natural fermentation process that includes fresh organic beets, spring water, and grey sea salt. It will ship un-refrigerated, but it is best to refrigerate as soon as you receive it. It is also available in ginger lemon and

Buy Oregon Brineworks Beet Kvass Online
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This Oregon Brineworks Beet Kvass Sampler is perfect for sampling before committing to this brand. They make delicious beet kvass using traditional methods. Their beet kvass is also flavored!

The red beet kvass contains flavors of caraway and rosemary, while the gold beet kvass contains flavors of carrots and ginger. This beet kvass is raw and best refrigerated upon receipt.

This brand is also available on Azure Standard, which “ships” cold via their monthly truck drop. Just search Oregon Brineworks to find this beet kvass as well as other fermented products they make! You’ll find better prices on Azure Standard, especially if you are buying in bulk.

Azure Standard also has a brand of beet kvass called Iggy’s, which is worth checking out.

Buy Pick Up The Beet Super Beet Kvass Online
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Pick Up The Beet Super Beet Kvass was originally Garden Goddess Brands. It is traditionally fermented and also flavored with cinnamon and cloves.

Pick Up The Beet has the most reviews of all the beet kvass brands listed here, and majority of them are positive!

How Much Beet Kvass Should I Drink?

The rules for locally- or store-bought beet kvass are the same as homemade beet kvass. In general, you should aim to consume 4oz of beet kvass 2x per day. For more information on how much beet kvass to consume on a daily basis, please check out this post.

How Should I Store Beet Kvass? Does Beet Kvass Go Bad?

It is best to keep ready-made beet kvass refrigerated. If it is fully fermented, it is unlikely to continue bubbling much. But the nutrients in beet kvass are fragile and refrigeration will help preserve the freshness, nutrients, probiotics and taste.

You can tell if your beet kvass has gone bad by the smell and taste. While it should have a light fermented smell, it should NOT smell bad. Same goes for the taste. It can have a very earthy taste and be tart (think pickles/slightly vinegary), but it should not have any hint of mold or spoilage.

If you see mold on your beet kvass, I would recommend discarding immediately.

Have you tried any of these ready made beet kvass brands? Which one is your favorite? Do you have any great recommendations for where to buy beet kvass? Leave a comment letting us know!

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