Where To Get A FREE Sourdough Starter

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There are many wonderful things that you can make with a sourdough! And best of all, you can get a free sourdough starter!

You do, of course, need a sourdough starter. You can make your own, buy one, or get a free sourdough starter here. That is actually where I got my starter from since I prefer using an established starter. This starter has been around for several hundred years–it’s lactobacilli and yeasts are well-developed. It rises quickly, and effectively makes flour healthier!

The wonderful folks over at CarlsFriends will send you a dried starter once they receive your SASE (please send a tip if you can afford to!). Once you receive it, mix with 1/4 cup (~40g) of warm water and mix until the water is cloudy. You don’t want the water too hot–the goal is to “wake up” the starter cultures and hot water will kill them. Then add 1/4 cup (~40g) of flour. I maintain my starter on unbleached white flour, but others use whole wheat, spelt, etc. I’ve found that my starter remains healthiest on white flour, and then when I’m baking I can choose which flour to use. I love to bake with bread flour, spelt flour, and Einkorn flour.

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