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Why The Weston A. Price Diet Failed You And Now Your Family Has Cavities

What makes someone who has a healthy diet more prone to tooth decay and cavities? Is it genetics? Luck of the draw? Lip/tongue tie? Possibly. Or maybe not. I’ve heard many of the following phrases lately:

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We eat healthier than most people we know.

Do you really mean healthy? Or a diet higher in antinutrients?

Our friends who feed their kids cheese puffs and sweet drinks all day don’t have tooth decay.

Maybe just not yet, because they have better vitamin and mineral reserves?

Most of my friends who breastfeed have kids with cavities.

Oh no, maybe breast milk DOESN’T have everything it should after all. Is it possible that babies getting formula get more of the nutrition they need through fortification? Is it truly necessary to ensure we have a good diet high in fats, with lots of freshly cooked meats and vegetables while pregnant and nursing?

Is my next child going to have bad teeth too?

Probably, unless you fix the problem.

Why Are Our Teeth BAD?

Our teeth are not bad. The fact of the matter is that we are lacking in many essential vitamins and minerals for a host of reasons. How can our bodies function optimally if it is not getting all the nutrients it needs? How can it sustain a healthful pregnancy and ensure that our children have beautiful teeth and wonderful facial structures? How can we give our baby nutrients that we do not have? Quite simply, we can’t.

Our health, and those of future generations, has been in a state of decline. Our more recent ancestors could not give our parents’ parents what they needed. In a trickle down effect, we have become quite deficient in essential nutrients, including the building blocks for healthy teeth and bones. The fact of the matter is that if we are eating a Weston A. Price Diet and develop tooth decay, something is wrong. We may be skipping an essential part of the recommended diet, such as not getting enough healthy fats, eating too much grains or sugar, or possibly skipping fermented foods which are so helpful for digestion, and therefore absorption and assimilation of vital nutrients. We may simply need gut work because our diets have been lacking for so long.

But what can we do about it? We need to reduce our intake of things that rob us of nutrients and increase nutrient dense foods. Hop on over to Real Food Forager where I guest post on ways you can supply your body and your children’s bodies with what they need to have healthy teeth.

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Tuesday 8th of February 2022

What does this even have to do with Weston A Price failing anyone? This article is incoherent