Mashed Green Bananas

Yesterday I shared a recipe for banana chips and explained that green bananas are a nutritious staple in Jamaica. Today I want to share with you another easy way to enjoy green bananas–mashed. These are similar in profile to mashed potatoes but are more flavorful, in my opinion. They can also be dressed up in many ways by adding different spices and seasonings. Their pleasant taste makes it a good variation to try with picky eaters who gravitate towards mashed potatoes. Green bananas are also Paleo, although they are not GAPS-legal.

Mashed Green Bananas
My son enjoys his mashed green bananas with loads of raw butter and a sprinkle of sea salt. Mmmmmm.

They are very simple to make as well. You’ll need approximately 2 fingers of banana per person. Just cut both ends off of the bananas, make a cut lengthwise from top to bottom (you are trying to make an opening between the skin and the banana, not actually slice it), and throw in a pot of boiling water. It’s a good idea to tip a bit of acid in the pot, like a wedge of lemon or a tablespoon or so of apple cider vinegar, to prevent staining your pot. Once the bananas are tender and the skin will come off easily, remove from pot, peel and mash with butter and sea salt or other desired flavorings.

Try these soon, and let me know what you (or your kids) think!


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